I finally got around to using the “Map of Play” at Kaboom.org

It’s a great resource to explore play in your area - whether you are a parents or play advocate. All I did was find the park I wanted to learn about or edit (you must have an account to edit). Here I add some information about the Lake Murray Community Park because I saw that it was completely out of date. The park was actually rebuilt by Kaboom a while ago and the pictures and information don’t match the new playground.

Now when anyone sees this park, the pictures they find will be taken by yours truly.

There is actually a really cool iPhone app for this website, but it doesn’t really work. I don’t recommend it. The website itself is awesome though! You should really head over there and search the local playgrounds in your community. Maybe you’ll find a great new space or you can help out the community by sharing photos or reviews of your favorite parks.



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