I been learning about nonviolent communication (compassionate communication) for a while now, but I have yet to start using it within my language with others. Mostly because I'm afraid that my conversations will sound awkward, forced, or unnatural because I still feel insecure of my understanding about how to express myself using NVC. I'm also worry that by expressing my emotions to others, it will bring up conversations that I'm not really ready to have.

However, I have started using it with my self - in my own internal dialogues and whenever I find myself putting a lot of attention to a situation (past, present, or future). It's then that I think to myself "I'm feeling really (angry, sad, hopeful, disappointed, nervous) about blank. Why? What needs do I have that are/aren't being fulfilled by this situation?" 

I'm hoping that I can find a space to practice NVC in a safe community space. I think this might give me the reassurance and reaffirmation that I need before using NVC at the 'next level' with other. I reached out to two local practice groups that I found online, but neither have responded to my requests. I'm really feeling a need for connection and support within an NVC community, that I have yet to find. 



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