Last week was the Graco event to promote the new Little Lounger, hosted by Chelsea at Some Day I’ll Learn. I joined a group of local mommy bloggers to get together, talk about this new product, and listen to our stylist talk about some great fashion tips for those extra fifteen minutes the Little Lounger will give you. But what is a mommy with a toddler that wears black yoga pants every day doing here? My toddler might not fit the Little Lounger and I might not be the biggest fashionista in town, but I had a great time. Here’s why.

You would have a hard time convincing me that I “need” to spend more than 10 minutes getting ready each morning. But I do enjoy spending time for myself occasionally and feeling good about myself, even if my style isn’t exactly fashionable. I loved our stylist, Sandra at Mariposa personal styling mostly because she started out with tips for “lounge wear” or “work-out chic.” PERFECT! Personally, I own three pairs of pants (all the same: black yoga pant) and some pair of leggings. Okay, I own more than that, but they either have not fit since pre-pregnancy or I just don’t like them. 
Now about that Little Lounger. I love baby-wearing and attachment parenting, but some times new-mommy needs to take a bathroom break, drink that coffee at a safe distance, or tackle that ever growing to do list. When you need just fifteen minutes, the Little Lounger is a go-to product.

What I love about this: easily folds, comfortable and safe place for baby, and the Rock Locks™. When my baby was a little baby, we had a swing, which sat idle because I didn’t want to leave my baby in the room alone and what use is the swing if you have to sit next to it in the room and do nothing. The Little Lounger can easily fold and move around the house so baby is never out of reach. Second, the Little Lounger is an elevated space for baby to lay. I used to move our little co-sleeper bassinet around the house, but it wasn’t elevated and two dogs meant it couldn’t just sit on the floor either. Last, the Little Lounger is has this feature called Rock Lock, so that it can be rocked back and forth or locked into place when needed.

Here’s a picture that captures my daughters thoughts on the Little Lounger (photo by: Shannon at The Mommy-files).



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