I've taken a small break from writing over the past month; well, I've been writing, but I haven't been blogging any of it. I've been writing/blogging avidly in different forms for several years and just as I started to feel like I was getting the hang of it - finding community, posting often, people actually reading this stuff - I found myself unmotivated to blog. I found myself engaging with some new projects  and getting caught up in the process. Its always exciting and fulfilling to enter to be so engaged with a project, but blogging has been a part of my identity for so long, that I feel like I'm missing out when I don't blog. 

So my New Years resolution (one of them), is to get back into blogging regularly. I wanted to mark the moment by giving the announcement a post of its own. I'm not sure anyone even reads my blog anymore (or ever did), but I didn't want to just jump back into it unceremoniously. 



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