So as a new assistant organizer for our family nature club, I'm still learning the ins-and-outs of introducing families to nature. We've had two outings so far and they've been very low key.

For our first adventure, we met went to the lake and did a show walk (meander) and spent some time exploring the waters edge. I met two great moms and four kids. It was fun and easy-going; it was also extremely hot that week. The second time, one other mom showed up with her toddler and newborn Kudos to moms who are confident enough to even leave the house alone with their six week old.

My first two experiences were great, but I'm looking forward to doing something more. I'd like to plan a little activity for the kids (those that want to). Maybe something like a scavenger hunt/geocaching, doing a craft, or having a story sharing . I've been reading the Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature, which is an amazing read with lots of insights and ideas for parents, teachers, and other nature-minded groups. I love the balance they strike between mentoring and unstructured time with nature; so important.



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