One of my little interests has been urban planning and theories on how to create better communities. For children, family, pedestrians, everyone… I really became interested in the ideas of New Urbanism after reading Richard Louv’s book The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods. And slowly I’ve found groups in my community that are doing some great work towards this vision. 

CicloSDias has been organizing some events centered around car-free streets through the area. The main CicoSDias event isn’t until August 11, but they’ve been having these CicoSDias Minis leading up to it. One is on Saturday and I’m hoping to head down there and spend some time enjoying a car-free space and community.

I don’t know if there will really ever be a time when we aren’t a car dependent society, but just being able to reduce our dependency even a little and increase our community focus is a great step. 



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