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The Convention on the Rights of the Child, outlines rights which should be secured for every child. These rights are an extension (and expansion) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; specific to the youngest members of our world.

Children not only have the right to protection from violence, abuse, and neglect, they have the right to education, rights to freedom of expression, thought, and religion, and even rights to rest, leisure, and play. YES, children do have a right to play! Read about all 42 rights protected in the conventionhere

I could spent countless blog posts talking about any one of these forty-two rights because they are all so important, but there is one that I think is key to the security of all the others. Knowledge of rights! We need to empower children (and adults) and affirm their human rights. We need to declare that violation of these rights is not okay. As individuals, we need to hold our governments accountable to ensuring that these rights are provided for all.

The Scottish government took a stand for play recently through their publication: Play Strategy for Scotland: Our Vision. It’s a great little piece that talks about the importance of play and why and how it should be encourage in Scotland. 

Part of their advocacy includes support of the 31st amendment of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child

It’s a really easy (infographic) read, with great informational bits. Governments can play a huge role in supporting initiatives like this!