I was shocked the other day when I went into a McDonald’s - with a children’s play space - that didn’t have a diaper changing table… Does anyone else find it ironic that businesses which claim to cater to customers who have young children (i.e. McDonald’s) , would not have a diaper changer?

On that note, for a nation that claims itself to have such strong ‘family values,’ its interesting how little thought we give to the needs of those families. While there are laws in place to protect the rights of adults to have bathroom facilities and for those facilities to accommodate people with disabilities  there is no law requiring businesses to provide diaper changing spaces. I never cease to be amazed by the number of stores and restaurants without a changing table.

It seems like every time we spend a day away from home, I have to worry when and where there will be a diaper changer… Constantly unable to find one, I’ve become increasingly comfortable with the idea of changing diapers in a variety of unusual places.

What sort of message does that send? It tells me that I and my child are not really welcome in this place (and its not necessarily a conscious thought of the company) and our needs don’t matter to this company. In my mind, I place another store on the list of “not family-friendly.”

Have you ever walked into a McDonald’s without adult restroom facilities? Children are people too.



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